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Supporting partners help Subtle Medical for bigger success

We, at Subtle Medical, are always pushing the frontier of AI technologies to enable better healthcare workflow and to provide real value-proposition of AI to healthcare customers. The supports of our partners and investors are essential components that push the growth of Subtle Medical.

In march 2018, Subtle Medical won NVIDIA Inception Award 2018 as top-1 Healthcare+AI startup globally and we are keep using the state-of-art Deep Learning hardware, software framework and algorithms for the best performance achievable.

Recently, we were also honored to be selected as THE FIRST AI+healthcare startup for Deep Health Seed Program recently announced by Bessemer Venture Partner. Also the new round of financing is supported by Data Collective, Breyer Capital, Baidu Ventures, Fusion Fund, Tsingyuan Ventures, Wisemont Capital and Stanford StartX Fund.

We believe, with the continuing supports from our partners and investors, Subtle Medical will achieve the goal of renovating clinical imaging workflow and redefining new standards for medical imaging: Faster, Safer, and Smarter.

Image Credit: Tech Crunch Article https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/01/bessemer-launches-a-seed-fund-for-startups-applying-machine-learning-to-health