Faster scan times on your existing machines.

SubtlePET is an AI-powered software solution that enhances images from up to 4x faster PET scans.

  • Easy implementation¬†
  • No change in workflow
  • Compatible with any brand or model scanner
PET Scan Image

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Improved quality

SubtlePET applies denoising to improve the image quality from up to 4x faster, noisy scans.  The result is a faster scan with image quality equivalent to the ground truth image.

Better for patients

SubtlePET gets patients in and out of the scanner faster. Reduced scan times are particularly beneficial for children under sedation and those who have a hard time holding still for long periods of time. Less time in the scanner reduces patient discomfort, anxiety, and even pain.

Increased efficiency

SubtlePET enables hospitals and imaging centers to scan more patients per day on their existing PET machines, which increases PET capacity and frees up time on the scanner for other applications like CT and cardiac PET.

Cutting edge technology

SubtlePET was developed from proprietary deep learning algorithms to enable centers to easily implement the newest imaging enhancement technology without purchasing new expensive PET scanners, extending the life of your existing scanners.

Fewer artifacts and rescans

By less time in the scanner, SubtlePET reduces the potential of artifact-ridden images and the need for re-scans, challenges for both physicians and patients.

Ease of use

SubtlePET fits seamlessly into your current workflow and takes less than <24 hours to deploy. SubtlePET sits between the scanner and PACS. Images are sent from the scanner and are processed by SubtlePET within seconds. The high-quality images are then sent back to PACS and/or other workstations.

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