Improved quality and efficiency on your existing machines.

SubtlePET is an AI-powered software solution that denoises images conducted in 25% of the original scan duration.

  • Easy implementation 
  • No change in workflow
  • Compatible with any brand or model scanner
PET Scan Image

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Improved quality

SubtlePET applies denoising to improve the image quality from scans conducted in 1/4th the original scan duration, maintaining diagnostic image quality equivalent to the ground truth image.

Better for patients

SubtlePET improves the quality of accelerated scan protocols so you can get patients out of the scanner back to doing the things they love.

Improved workflow

SubtlePET improves the quality of accelerated scan protocols enabling an optimized workflow.

Extended lifespan

SubtlePET is a virtual upgrade to your existing fleet so you don't need to purchase new and expensive PET scanners, extending the life of your existing machines.

Fewer potential rescans

SubtlePET improves the image quality of sub-optimal scans.

Ease of use

SubtlePET fits seamlessly into your current workflow and takes less than <24 hours to deploy. SubtlePET sits between the scanner and PACS. Images are sent from the scanner and are processed by SubtlePET within seconds. The high-quality images are then sent back to PACS and/or other workstations.

“Our goal at Precision Imaging Centers is to deliver the best patient care possible. We pride ourselves on being early adopters of innovative technology, which differentiates us from other imaging centers. Using SubtlePET, we are able to maintain superior image quality of our accelerated protocols. It also allows us to complete more CT’s on the same scanner. The ability to conduct these faster scans both increases our workflow efficiency and creates a better patient experience by getting patients in and out of the scanner faster. It’s a win-win for us and for them.”

— Dr. Adam Brochert, MD, MBA Radiologist, Precision Imaging Centers

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