The latest imaging enhancement technology on your existing MRI scanners.

SubtleMR is an AI-based software solution used to enhance MRI images by resolution enhancement and denoising.

  • Applicable for Brain, Spine, Neck, and Knee protocols
  • Can be used with any scanner and field strength
  • Easy implementation with no change in workflow

One of the most exciting things about deep learning reconstruction is how it redefines the usual negotiation between exam time and image quality. This could lead to significant downstream value for imaging operations and for patient experience.

— Christopher Hess, MD, Chair of the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at UCSF

As Acquired

SubtleMR Enhanced

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Improved quality

SubtleMR applies two methods of image enhancement — denoising and increasing resolution — to improve image quality.

Ease of use

SubtleMR fits seamlessly into your current workflow. SubtleMR sits between the scanner and PACS. Images are sent from the scanner and are processed by SubtleMR within seconds. The high-quality images are then sent back to PACS and/or other workstations.

Better for patients

Artifact ridden images and the need for re-scans are a challenge for both physicians and patients, especially those who have difficulty holding still for long periods of time. SubtleMR improves the quality of these suboptimal scans.

Broad applicability

SubtleMR is compatible with any brand or model MRI scanner and field strength with no change in workflow. This technology is applicable to Brain, Spine, and Knee protocols.

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