About Us

Subtle Medical is a healthcare technology company working to improve medical imaging efficiency and patient experience with innovative deep learning solutions. Our team is made up of renowned imaging scientists, radiologists, and AI experts from Stanford, MIT, MD Anderson, and more.


Subtle Medical has developed a suite of software solutions to transform medical imaging by improving the acquisition phase of the workflow.   Our AI algorithms are built upon proprietary convolutional neural network models and obtained by training on robust paired datasets covering a wide range of clinical indications, patient cohorts, vendors and scanner models.


Subtle Medical’s (AI)-powered technologies allow hospitals and imaging centers to enhance image quality of a site’s accelerated PET and MRI protocols. Our focus on improving image acquisition and workflow efficiency differentiates Subtle Medical from other AI companies that are working on computer-aided diagnosis.

Our Founders

Enhao Gong

Enhao Gong is the Founder and CEO of Subtle Medical. He is a serial entrepreneur with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. His passion and research focuses on applying AI and deep learning to improve the reconstruction, analysis and quantification of medical imaging. His work has won several awards and has been featured in numerous academic journals and clinical conferences.

Greg Zaharchuk

Greg Zaharchuk, MD/PhD, is the Co-founder of Subtle Medical and a Professor of Radiology and practicing Neuroradiologist at Stanford University. He is an expert in advanced imaging methods, particularly applied to patients with neurological disease. Greg has received numerous awards and honors for his research and sits on several boards and advisory committees.

Our team is made up of deep learning and healthcare industry experts from:

Our Advisors

Michael Brant-Zawadzki, MD, FACR

Executive Medical Director, Hoag Memorial Hospital

Paul Chang, MD

Prof. of Radiology, Vice Chair, Radiology Informatics, University of Chicago

Jessica Leung, MD

Section Chief, Women's Imaging, Dept. of Radiology, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences, University of Utah Hospital

John M. Pauly, PhD

Prof. of Engineering, Stanford University, Co-Director, MR Systems Research Laboratory

Dr. Bruce Rosen, MD, PhD

Director, Biomedical Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital

Lawrence Tanenbaum, MD, FACR

Associate Prof. of Radiology and Director of MRI, CT and Outpatient / Advanced Imaging Development, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY

Max Wintermark, MD, MA, MBA

Prof. of Radiology, Chief of Neuroradiology Stanford School of Medicine

Suzie Bash, MD

Medical Director of Neuroradiology at San Fernando Valley Interventional Radiology at RadNet

Our Investors