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We are medical imaging researchers, AI pioneers and active entrepreneurs from Stanford.

Enhao Gong (MS, PhD Candidate) is a researcher in Electrical Engineering at Stanford, an entrepreneur, a pioneer in deep learning  for medical imaging reconstruction and processing.

Dr. Greg Zaharchuk (MD, PhD) is an associate professor in Radiology at Stanford, a radiologist, NIH Distinguished Investigator Award winner, a global leader in neuro-imaging and neuro-radiology.

Dr. John Pauly (PhD), is Reid Weaver Dennis professor in Electrical Engineering at Stanford, Gold Medal Award winner from International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, global leader in medical imaging.

The team have experiences in healthcare, radiology, medical imaging and deep learning.


Deep Learning technologies improving medical imaging for better acquisition, reconstruction, processing and analysis.


We renovate radiology with significantly improved quality, enhanced efficiency and reduced cost.

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