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SubtlePET ™, our first product to receive FDA 510(k) clearance, utilizes deep learning algorithms that integrate seamlessly with any OEM PET scanner to enhance images during acquisition without any alteration in existing workflow.

Imaging centers and hospitals have used SubtlePET ™ to enable up to 4x faster scan times.


Our Partners

Hoag Hospital with SubtlePET ™“At Hoag Hospital, we analyzed 20 cases. The clinical findings were the same using the SubtlePET-enhanced images compared to the standard images. In addition to the quality of the SubtlePET-enhanced images being indistinguishable from the standard images, there were no artifacts and the lesion detectability was excellent. I can absolutely see this improving both radiology workflow and the patient experience.”

Peter Giuliano, MDDepartment Chair and Director of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Hoag Hospital


Subtle Medical is a healthcare technology company working to improve medical imaging efficiency and patient experience with innovative deep learning solutions. Our team is made up of renown imaging scientists, radiologists, and AI experts from Stanford, GE, MD Anderson, Samsung, and more.

Better Patient Experience

Faster scans mean less time in the scanner for patients, which is particularly beneficial for the elderly, children under sedation, and those undergoing repeat PET exams.

Increased Patient Safety

Safer exams are achieved by using reduced radiotracer dose combined with our proprietary deep learning algorithms, resulting in clinically equivalent images to the ground truth.

Higher Throughput

Hospitals and imaging centers can work smarter by enhancing their bottom line and scanning more patients in a day without the need for capital expenditures, new hardware, or change in workflow.

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