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Subtle Medical Unveils Cutting-Edge Workflow Innovations at RSNA

MENLO PARK, Calif.Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Subtle Medical, a leading healthcare technology company using AI for expedited medical imaging, is poised to take center stage at this year’s premier radiology conference, the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America). The company’s unwavering dedication to innovation and its focus on crafting state-of-the-art technology solutions for improved patient care and streamlined medical imaging workflows are at the forefront of this event.

Subtle will share new results from their peer-reviewed publication and real world pilots of SubtleSYNTH™ (FDA-pending),  a breakthrough tool in synthetic imaging that uses deep learning to synthesize MR imaging contrast from already acquired contrasts, enabling a 100% acceleration. Shorter scan times translate to the ability to scan more patients per day, thereby increasing service capacity and reducing wait times for critical imaging procedures—a significant challenge in many countries today.

Subtle Medical’s product pipeline is extensive and involves several new partnerships forged with leading pharmaceutical companies that take advantage of their multiple low dose technologies.  In addition, they will showcase a new bundle of workflow features in research and development known as SubtleALLY™. This innovative package addresses complex workflow challenges and reduces radiologist burnout by standardizing radiology processes that physicians often perform manually today. Features include image quality checks, naming standardization, perfect image reformats, and a performance insights dashboard. Subtle has forged a partnership with one of the largest academic research universities in the Bay Area to explore these features.  RSVP for the Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, Nov. 28th to learn more.

Co-founder and CEO of Subtle Medical, Enhao Gong, PhD, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, saying, “At Subtle Medical, innovation is in our DNA. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in medical imaging technology to provide better patient care and streamline workflows for healthcare providers. Our AI-powered solutions are driving a transformation in the quality and efficiency of medical imaging.”

Over the past year, Subtle Medical has experienced remarkable growth, doubling its business both domestically and internationally with their flagship products, SubtleMR™ and SubtlePET™. This surge in demand for Subtle’s groundbreaking solutions has not only fueled the company’s expansion into new territories but has also solidified its standing as a global leader. 

At the heart of Subtle Medical’s offerings are its exceptional product advantages:

AI-Powered Image Acquisition: Subtle Medical is renowned for its leadership in this field, with a mission to serve more patients effectively by accelerating the imaging process.
Deep Learning for Workflow Improvement: The company develops vendor-neutral software that significantly enhances image quality for both regular and accelerated image protocols, thereby facilitating faster patient care by radiologists.
MRI and PET Solutions: SubtleMR™ reduces image noise across various body parts and enhances sharpness for head MRI, while SubtlePET™ improves the quality of low-count PET exams in a fraction of the original scan time.
Increased Efficiency and Capacity: Subtle Medical’s technology has the potential to enable more patient scans per day, reducing wait times and increasing scanner capacity.
Enhanced Image Quality: Subtle Medical’s technology maintains diagnostic confidence even in sub-optimal and accelerated scans.
Better Patient Experience: Surveys conducted by Subtle Medical indicate that all patients prefer shorter exam times, especially those requiring repeated exams, thus contributing to a superior patient experience.
Extended Scanner Life: Subtle Medical’s technology helps postpone the need for purchasing new scanners by virtually upgrading existing equipment with the latest technology.

Subtle Medical invites all conference attendees to visit their Booth #4347 in the AI Showcase or schedule an onsite demo to experience these firsthand.

About Subtle Medical, Inc.

Subtle Medical is a leading global provider of AI-powered technology for faster, safer and smarter medical imaging. It has been named a CB Insights GenAI 50 company and two-time CB Insights Top AI 100 and Digital Health 150 company. The company’s cutting-edge solutions optimize imaging workflows, improving productivity and patient experience. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Subtle Medical aims to revolutionize medical imaging and transform the future of healthcare. For more information, please visit subtlemedical.com or email sales@subtlemedical.com.

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