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Subtle Medical Receives Health Canada Approval for Increased Imaging Efficiency

Subtle’s deep learning technology has the potential to benefit millions of Canadian patients.

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Subtle Medical, a healthcare technology company improving the quality and efficiency of medical imaging, announced today Health Canada/Santé Canada approval for their suite of AI-powered image enhancement solutions. Subtle’s vendor-neutral software, SubtleMR™ and SubtlePET™, are a virtual upgrade to existing MRI and PET machines that boosts scanner performance and improves patient comfort during medical imaging exams.

Subtle’s technology gives imaging institutions the ability to restore image quality to standard of care when conducting shorter MRI and PET exams and PET exams using lower radiotracer dose.  The regulatory approval is timely given the imaging backlog challenges in Canada as many institutions are experiencing dramatically longer wait times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our expansion into Canada marks a milestone in the growth of Subtle Medical as we expand our global footprint,” said Enhao Gong, PhD, Founder & CEO of Subtle Medical. “We look forward to the opportunity to forge new partnerships with world-class hospitals and imaging institutions in Canada and aim to help them maximize scanner efficiency, produce high quality medical imaging, and provide better and more timely care for patients.”

With optimized scan times, institutions may schedule more patients a day on their existing scanners, resulting in shorter wait times for patients in critical need of medical imaging.  In addition to increasing workflow efficiency, patients have reported in recent surveys that shorter exams are much more tolerable, especially those undergoing repeat PET and MRI exams who experience pain and anxiety during these lengthy procedures. Download a case study.

SubtleMR™ and SubtlePET™ are in commercial use in hospitals and imaging institutions worldwide.  Built from proprietary deep learning algorithms, they have been published in top journal publications and clinically validated across a variety of patient demographics, institutions, and scanner types.  To learn more, schedule a meeting or attend one of their many RSNA 2021 events.

About Subtle Medical
Subtle Medical, Inc. is a healthcare technology company with deep learning solutions that make medical imaging faster, safer, and smarter. It was named CB Insights Top AI 100 and Digital Health 150 company in 2020 and is an Nvidia Inception Award Winner.  For more information, please visit subtlemedical.com or email sales@subtlemedical.com.

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Anna Menyhart-Borroni
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