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Subtle Medical announces presentation of groundbreaking research in the AI driven diagnostic imaging space at ECR 2024

MENLO PARK CA, Feb 28th, 2024 Subtle Medical, a leading provider of AI-powered medical imaging solutions, proudly announces today that it will be presenting innovative research in AI driven applications for diagnostic imaging, to be presented at the European Congress of Radiology, 2024 (ECR). The company’s unwavering dedication to innovation and its focus on crafting state-of the-art technology AI solutions for improved patient care and streamlined workflows is at the forefront of this research.

This exciting research includes breast imaging “Looking beyond standard dosage in dynamic contrast enhanced breast MRI using a pre-trained deep learning model” will be presented in the “Advances in Breast MRI Techniques” section of ECR 2024. A total of six posters will also be presented around the utilization of AI for further accelerating MR protocols, reducing carbon emissions, and using synthetic imaging for improving the quality of reformatting.

This new research will potentially open new doors in the future for exciting new clinical applications. “We believe the opportunities for new AI applications in the diagnostic imaging space is virtually unlimited” said Dr Ajit Shankaranarayanan , Chief Product Officer at Subtle Medical.

For more information about Subtle and our unique product offering, please visit Subtle Medical’s website (www.subtlemedical.com).

About Subtle Medical

Subtle Medical is a leading innovator in medical imaging software, utilizing advanced AI technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of imaging procedures. The company’s solutions, SubtlePET™ and SubtleMR™, leverage proprietary algorithms to improve scan times and image quality, aiming to improve patient outcomes and the diagnostic process. Subtle Medical is committed to transforming medical imaging through its cutting-edge solutions, making it faster, safer, and more accessible to patients worldwide.

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