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Launching 2021 With an Impactful Mission & Vision to Guide the Future of Subtle’s AI Solutions

Subtle Medical, NVIDIA’s first Inception Award Winner for Top Healthcare+ AI startup Globally, is empowering their team to wake up every day to fight for a cause they believe in.  Subtle kicked off 2021 by launching a new version of their Mission and Vision Statements.  Subtle’s new Mission is to accelerate the world’s access to higher quality healthcare through faster, safer, and smarter medical imaging.  Their Vision is that every human being has the opportunity for a timely diagnosis, high-quality care, and a longer, healthier life.  These statements will guide their plan to expand their AI-powered imaging solutions to multiple different modalities over the next several years. 

Subtle Medical, named to CB Insights AI 100 List of Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups and CB Insights Digital Health 150 (both in 2020), currently has FDA cleared and CE marked SubtlePET™ and SubtleMR™, which are deep-learning powered image enhancement software solutions.  SubtlePET denoises scans that were conducted in 25% of the original scan duration.  SubtleMR uses denoising and increased resolution to improve image quality on suboptimal scans.  Centers that choose to accelerate their protocols can use SubtlePET and SubtleMR to restore image quality back to that of standard of care, meaning centers no longer have to compromise image quality for optimized scan times. The software works with all scanner brands to provide an improved patient experience and increased workflow efficiency across the entire imaging fleet. Download a case study.

Subtle also has several investigational products in their pipeline, including SubtleGAD™, which received an NIH grant to pursue their research to reduce necessary Gadolinium dose for contrast-enhanced MRI down by 90% while maintaining high quality MRI images.  SubtleGAD technology addresses real concerns around the safety and long term effects of Gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) used in contrast-enhanced MRI procedures.

SubtleIR™ is another AI-powered software in the investigational stage intended to improve the speed and quality of interventional imaging procedures.  The software will leverage The NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit, which has the potential of generalizability, efficiency, and real time deployment.

The NVIDIA Clara AGX developer kit is an embedded AI computer and software development framework for medical devices that need the ability to perform real-time AI and advanced image, video, and signal processing. Built on the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform, developers have all the benefits and features that come along with an Embedded Linux System. The Clara AGX development kit reduces the overall development time to bring future products to market by building directly for the Jetson platform. Powered by the Arm-based NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier along with an NVIDIA RTX GPU and running the NVIDIA EGX software stack, Clara AGX securely manages and orchestrates AI application deployments to fleets of medical devices or edge nodes. Also included is the NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 network interface card, which is capable of streaming data at full line rate via GPU Direct RDMA to the NVIDIA RTX 6000.

To learn more about Subtle Medical’s imaging solutions, please email sales@subtlemedical.com or visit www.subtlemedical.com.