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Sun, Nov 29 -
Sat, Dec 5


AI Theatre Presentation: Deep Learning Solutions Designed for More Efficient and Higher Quality Medical Imaging – A Closer Look at Subtle Medical’s Product Portfolio.

  • Speakers: Enhao Gong, PhD
  • Location: AI16

Dec. 3rd

10:00am CST

Featured Demonstration:  Subtle Medical’s Deep Learning Solutions – SubtlePET & SubtleMR – Improve Workflow Efficiency & Patient Experience. Demonstration includes Product Demo’s, Research, Pilots, and Customer Spotlight.

  • Speakers: Greg Zaharchuk, MD, PhD | Enhao Gong, PhD and multiple customers and research partners




“Clinical Validation of AI-enhanced PET Images: Are Ultra-fast PET Acquisitions Feasible?”

Event ID: 20016223

  • Presented by: Dalton A Anjos, MD, DASA



“Real-World External Clinical Validation of Deep-Learning-Based Fourfold Low-Count Positron Emission Tomography: A Blinded, Multi-Center Study”

Event ID: 20012620

  • Presented by: Praveen Gulaka, PhD, Subtle Medical



“Deep Learning Reconstructed, 40% Faster Spine MR Examinations Match or Exceed the Quality of Standard of Care Exams”

Event ID: 20011862

  • Presented by: Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, MD, FACR, Radnet



“Deep Learning Enables 18F-FDG PET Scans of Pediatric Lymphoma Patients with 50% Reduced Radiotracer Dose”

Event ID: 20013685

  • Presented by: Ashok J Theruvath, MD, Stanford University
One of the most exciting things about deep learning reconstruction is how it redefines the usual negotiation between exam time and image quality. This could lead to significant downstream value for imaging operations and for patient experience.

Christopher Hess, MD, Chair of the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at UCSF

With SubtleMR™, we have a new tool in our toolbox. We previously performed around 6 to 7 exams per day, and now we can accommodate 11 or more. That four additional exams per day is a game-changer. Our goal is to run an efficient business with patient care as a top priority. By achieving significant time savings with superior image quality, we are able to do just that. At the end of the day, the one who reaps the highest reward is the patient.

Cristin A. Dickerson, MD

Additional Talks From Our Founders

  • “Molecular Neuroimaging: Cerebrovascular Disease”

    RC305B: Molecular Neuroimaging

    Dec 1 2020, 8:30AM – 9:30AM CT

  • “Artificial Intelligence – Decision Support: the Coronavirus Experience in USA”

    SPSH53: Hot Topic Session: Artificial Intelligence-Decision Support: The Coronavirus Experience in USA and China

    Nov 29 2020, 5:00PM – 6:00PM CT

  • “AI for MRI Acquisition and Reconstruction”

    RC429D: MRI 2030